Our Strengths

  • Confidential Executive Search
  • Sourcing Proven Business Leaders
  • Providing In-Depth Competitor Analysis
  • Partner-led With Decades of Experience
  • Services Provided on Assignment Basis
  • Client-Driven With Tailored Approach

We advise a select client-base by defining and executing tailored search strategies.  Each one is designed to suit the individual business’s requirement and then delivered on to locate, discretely entice and thoroughly assess high achieving leadership professionals.

Our proven engagement methods are effective in any industry and we operate across multiple functional areas to include general management, technology, finance, payment processing, operations, product development, sales & marketing and HR.

As well as approaching known candidates within direct competitors, we research and target potential candidates within pre-specified industry parameters. Marden Executive Search researches, advises and delivers cost-effective staffing solutions to develop ambitious businesses.